What Prevents You From Adding Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube is still the leader in video marketing. The magic figure of 30 million visitors per day and 5 billion daily video views is highly tempting. YouTube reaches to audiences of all ages and it continues to increase its reach with new videos.

Do you want to increase your YouTube subscribers? Here I’ll tell you how but there’s no shortcut or hacking or anything nonsense.

Here I’ll talk what makes sense

  1. Stop Hacking

It is serious advice for beginner YouTubers. Friends, never become victim of “how to get free YouTube subscribers” fraud because there is no shortcut to success on the web. You have to struggle to prove that your content is worth viewing and your YouTube channel is worth subscribing.

Here I would want to quote Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, one of the founders of the indie-band Walk Off The Earth. He used YouTube videos to promote his band and after 634 million organic views, his band got acceptance as a global brand from an unknown band.

There are many success stories on YouTube but they all were ruthless in marketing and promotion. You can start with Facebook where you can request your social contacts to view and share your videos to achieve organic viewers. Finally, I would say that it is the only way of tasting success in YouTube video marketing.

  1. Follow a Content Schedule

I always follow facts and the fact is that a content schedule works best at least in YouTube. Graham Cochrane shows the way to success with 1×4 content schedule. He created his YouTube channel “The Recording Revolution” when he was unemployed but he created an impressive 7-figure business with his video marketing idea.

Publishing frequency is the key says Cochrane

He goes on saying that YouTubers should publish at least 1 video every week and go on publishing 4 videos a month that is 1×4. People would visit your YouTube channel in search for content and regularity in publication would bring them to your channel.

Commitment to a publishing schedule is as important as the quality of content is. It is an easy formula to remember and follow.

  1. Deliver at The Beginning

The challenge before YouTubers is to increase watch time. The first 8 seconds of video are crucial because the viewers decide whether to continue watching the content or click back. For example, Gianni Nicassio advises that if you play music then you should start with music instead of the product.

Stop talking about you; stop describing your business; stop displaying your product and stop all kind of nonsense that could distract the viewers from video to marketing. The product could come in the end because the attention is the first and also the most important thing in YouTube marketing.

  1. Mention Your YouTube Channel in Product Reviews

Amazon has millions of products for sale and each product has reviews authored by users. Your job is to find products related to your YouTube channel and write interesting reviews about those products because they are associated with your business. In the end of each review, you can mention name of your channel. Here you need to be very careful because Amazon doesn’t allow links in reviews but you can mention name of your channel in your reviews.

  1. Translate Popular Videos

After publishing for a few months, you would have sufficient videos on your YouTube channel. If you go through the performance record of each video, you will find that some videos are doing fairly well than others. You can translate those videos to other languages to take advantage of their popularity.

  1. Use Social Media

Hit the social media channels with your videos. There are many ways to promote YouTube videos on social media. For example, take Facebook Groups. You can find groups relevant for your business and share your videos in those groups. Similarly, you can tweet using your video links relating the videos to latest trends.

Final thoughts

Competition on YouTube is increasing fast but it shouldn’t give you a reason to find shortcuts to scale the ladder of popularity. YouTube is more a community than a market. Here you need to connect to likeminded people that are your subscribers. Also, you need to find ways to bring more people to your YouTube subscribers list by relating your videos to their needs.

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