What is the Best SEO Strategy for 2019?

SEO is all about following a strategy and it is what makes is more effective and reliable than other forms of marketing. You should know the best SEO strategies 2019 so that you can choose the best for your site.

1. Optimize image alt text to help Google understand what the images are about on your site with machine learning.

2. Become an authority on content and start writing compelling content for your website and the business. Google wants insightful and reliable content written like an expert.

3. Increase your web presence with AMP. According to Google’s mobile first index, it has become clear that AMP impacts ranking in the long run.

4. Target LSI keywords to cover necessary information related to the targeted keywords and phrases. It would help avoid penalties related to keyword stuffing.

5. Write title tags, meta tags and header descriptions using keyword phrases. Title tags would describe pages, meta descriptions would help targeted customers reach your website and header tags would drive organic traffic to the site.

6. Linking internal pages with anchor text would help strengthen the keywords linked with the pages.

7. Do intense search for keywords to unearth the phrases that can connect your site to the targeted audiences.

8. Use Google Webmaster tools to highlight your website data to increase visibility of the site.

9. Always use a sitemap.

10. Avoid having 404 errors on your website design.


Finally, you should hire the best digital marketing company India for SEO work. You would need an experienced team of professionals to optimize your site.

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