What Are The 5 Big SEO Strategies To Follow In 2019?

Making a strategy for SEO isn’t a difficult job, if you have a good understanding of Google. If you keep track of the updates Google releases time to time, you will come to know what Google wants and what you can do to impress the largest search engine.

1. Optimize your titles and headings

Title tag is the first like of fire hence it shouldn’t come without a keyword that should be a high traffic phrase. Since Google takes note of titles and headings, it is advisable that you optimize them properly. But it is just the start of the best seo strategies 2019.

best SEO strategy for 2019

2. Use tracking

Once the pages are optimized, you need to keep a track of every page to know whether it is generating traffic. In this way, you will come to know how your webpages are doing and whether they need improvement.

3. SSL certificate

It isn’t a SEO technique but a technical responsibility. Google values security. Also, it wants the sites to be 100% secure for visitors. You must get an SSL certificate to have added advantage from Google.

4. Optimize images

Big images can slow down your website speed to the point where it would be very difficult for you to hold attention of the targeted visitors but there is little to worry when you have the option of optimizing images.

5. Hire a pro

hiring a digital marketing company

Join hands with the best digital marketing company Delhi to get full advantage of SEO. Let an expert lead your SEO strategy to success and you remain free to reap benefits of its experience.

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