Is Guest Blogging The Best Strategy For Inbound Marketing?

Yes! Guest blogging is the best tactic.

Guest blogging is the common practice for SEO strategy for link building and generates traffic for your website. This has transformed start-ups and enriched business power.

Millions of blogs are still now accepting guest posts. It doesn’t matter how much talented you’re, and how much you do hard work for creating the best blog, readers never take you seriously.

According to collected data, only 62% of readers recognize blogs with numerous authors to be more trustworthy.

Your job is to get traffic, visibility, relevant links, sales and a motivated boost in your business. Guest blogging can give you all these things with ease. It is measured as the most treasured tool for marketers to generate leads for their website.

In my opinion, you do not need to forget guest blogging. It is just a heartthrob of digital marketing.

This not just help you to get more traffic for your website, but it also helps in increasing your revenue. In small words, inbound marketing is equal to revenue.

Well, creating a guest blog and generating equal leads as compared to your competitors is possible, but only if you choose your perfect target.

There are many brands who were failed in guest blogging just because they don’t how to use this simple tactic effectively even they don’t understand what inbound marketing is?

Guest blogging is just about high-quality content. If you create correct content and publish it on a relevant path then there are chances to get leads, revenue, traffic and all that you need.

Let us take a dive into inbound marketing to know, what it is?

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing or guest blogging is not a shortcut for promoting your blog instantly. It is also not a path to become no.1 on search engine overnight.

It takes time to generate results like social media.

If you’re able to research on the best topic and present it to the audience for engaging them more, then there are 62% chances you’ll succeed in your efforts.

Now, the question is how we can create the best engaging topic for leads?

Here, we have shared proven tactics for guest blogging that will help to grow your business rapidly.

1. Do deep research of the market

Firstly, you have to take a dive in the market to analyze what customers are looking for and what they wanted from you.

If you’ve will power to do research on your audience insights so, go ahead!

Guest blogging can be beneficial only when you’ve depth knowledge. Suppose you’re writing for a particular age group, you’ve to know about that targeted audience deeply who are ready to read your content and this further helps you to get leads.

Well, guest blogging rewards depends. Sometimes it proves as the best and gives you all and sometimes it does not perform well.

It is all about how deep you’ve researched. If you’re willing to give what your audience wants then you’ll succeed in this.

The other purpose of the research is Demographic information. You have to research about particular age their preferences such as income, age, marital status, job and more.

2. Publish your content to the relevant website

It is important to note down. You have to search for a relevant website that talks about what you want to offer. Suppose you’re writing for kitchen décor, search for kitchen website that accepts guest blogs and give you trustworthy help.

The other factor you need to look for, post content to a popular website that offers your leads, traffic, links, and visibility.

To analyze which blog post can generate good leads for you, Use SEMrush. The good website can generate more leads and revenue.

3. Avoid use relevant anchor text

Make sure your keyword and anchor text is relevant but not similar. Anchor text has a different approach to influence rankings. It is important to take natural anchor text, which is simple to target.

You can use Ahrefs and SEMrush to handle your Anchor text profile in the guest blogging.

4. Provide good information

Keep in mind you’re writing for your audience. Don’t stuff your content with difficult words. Make it simple and easy to understand for readers that create leads.


As you see, guest blogging is so powerful when it comes to generating leads, traffic, and visibility. Publishing useful content on relevant plus good websites can surely generate ultimate traffic for your website.

As like other SEO tricks, this might fail if you do anything wrong. Make sure you’ve applied this strategy smartly according to Google webmaster guidelines.

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