How much time and money do I need investing on SEO and PPC?

Do you have high hopes from your marketer or a digital marketing company Delhi NCR is making tall claims regarding results? If yes then you should first set reasonable goals so that you get better results.

What are best results in SEO?

Depending on the level of competition, you can expect results after day one but it is difficult to achieve first page position even from the second page within a week or even fortnight. Even an experienced digital marketing company Delhi NCR can’t do magic for your site. You should beware from the ad agencies that make tall promise.

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Why SEO takes time in giving results?

Search engine optimization requires keywords research and incorporating the keywords in website structures including URLs. It is a time-consuming and tedious job. Also, the search engine spiders require time to visit websites. In short, you need to give SEO some time to give results.

Could PPC help in getting quick results?

Google AdWords has an advantage that is it takes little time in giving results but it would be wrong to say that PPC could be quick. But you can make it work in shortest time possible by optimizing your ads. Here you would need of help of a professional. An experienced AdWords marketing company in India can help.

AdWords marketing with SEO

How much do I need investing on PPC?

PPC involves money and it could be an expensive affair, if you allow an inexperienced professional to manage your account. But an experienced AdWords marketing company in India can do a better job. It can save you money while generating leads for your business.

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