Does 100 Social Media Followers are Praiseworthy?

The power of social media is imperceptible. From Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram, and many more are so widespread for promotions.

This now becomes indispensable for you to participate in these channels, otherwise, you’ll miss the traffic and huge revenue.

Well, the question is how much time and money you should spend on each channel for better your performance in search engine?

Which social media channel can be really worthy?

Does 100 social media followers really good for boost?

If you’re also in this confusion then don’t to worry. In this article, we will give you a brief verdict on all your questions.

Let us dive into social media.

In research and collected data, we have found each company which has been participating in social media channels from about 3 years, they have 100+ followers on each channel such Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

And their collected revenue estimated as $10,000 to $250,000,000 annually.

This research is based on only organic clicks and followers. So, you have to study the data accordingly.

Traffic on social media

Traffic on social media

Well, it’s quite harder for everyone B2B business to generate organic traffic to their website from each channel. Of course, the organic reach has down now, but how much?

It is drastically declined. In 2015 the reach was estimated as 3 visitors a month and as compare to current time it roughly gets 2 visitors.

Based on today reports, 38% drop has been seen and there is no sign of retrieval.

The decline of organic reach is complex and this might become the reason for dying each network to endorse your products.

Still, social media is doing well for marketers and proving the as good reason for ROI. If you have to make a guess which social media is powerful your answer would be Facebook or Instagram.

Both these platforms are not good enough to drive traffic to your website. You have to say users into stories to swipe to enjoy the reach.

The shocking part of Pinterest is, it is much powerful than other media to drive traffic directly into the website. It is the best performer, as next to YouTube and LinkedIn.

YouTube is also a powerful driving formula for marketers, but only if you have shared or linked your website in the video.

Is posting frequent drive more traffic?

businessman pressing button virtual screens

As you know, social media power declines, but what if you increase your post?

Well, it is quite helpful. Posting more often can drive good traffic. The more people see you the more they likely to hear from you.

There is an important thing you should follow. People engage in your website because they liked your content. Your job is only to deliver the best content what they’re looking for.

Or else, this might diminish, if you’re not able to provide your audience worthy content.

Now, which channel can be helpful to engage more users?

engage more users

You’ll be shocked to know, LinkedIn won this race. Instagram and YouTube also doing well. Instagram also proved as high engaging media because most of the users use this channel for personal use that’s why it becomes best.

This is also because now social media sites use content to promote their brand and visitors to their site.

For future, visual marketing or sharing videos will prove as the best medium to engage more traffic. Moreover, this also doing well in the current period.

In this Instagram take lead to engage traffic via virtual content as compare to text-based.

Remember, if you’re going to share video content you must make sure you have posted the video content on all channels especially LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can use this as a mastermind trick if anyone ignores your video so don’t worry the audience can see it on another channel.

While making video content you have to give pressure on quality content rather than keywords or description.

The only way to engage your customer more in you is how impressively you’re sharing information with them.

Keep investing in conversion

If you’re not receiving emails than switch it on today. The more you get the emails your customers in your hand and you can easily convince them to buy your services or products.

Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest recorded as high conversion rate till the date.

Get Revenue

It doesn’t matter where you like social media or not. Here, crucial is ROI. Even you do not need to spend a lot of money to generate revenue.

Ads are there to help you. Work on your content and you’ll reach organic traffic.

Well, there is strong competition in the B2B business. It has been waning over the years. Therefore, now marketers are using Omnichannel approach so, every marketer gets small portions of revenue.

Final Verdict

Apart from all these pitfalls, Social media still so wide and able to drive traffic to your website. Yes, you have to work on the quality of content and care about your audience needs. This astoundingly grows your business on each channel.

Companies are investing huge on social media which raises their ROI and followers. Now, the thing you should keep in mind does not dwell with your social media traffic. Put your efforts on and you can reach your goal.

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