8 Proven Tips For Locating A PPC Agency

The reason you’re planning to run paid advertisements is you have an objective and PPC is the best way to achieve that goal. But if you are doing PPC for the first time then its time to take a step back and hunt for a digital marketing company that can do the job for you.

Paid search management is a crucial part of your marketing hence it is a great idea to outsource or delegate the task to a specialist – one with rich experience in managing PPC advertisements.

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If you ask a friend or look for reviews about PPC management, you will find that most businesses rely on Indian ad agencies. Also, you will get tips to find the best PPC services company India.

Whether you outsource your PPC work to an Indian company or to any other ad agency, the following tips would help in locating the best PPC manager.

1. Google AdWords Certification

Google AdWords Certification

It is the most basic thing to ask. If you are working with a professional then he must be a Google certified person. Google AdWords program certifies professionals that pass a test conducted by Google. It shows that the person has taken time to understand PPC and look for ways that work for PPC marketing.

2. Short term contracts

An ad agency would want to hook you for a long-term contract like 12 months or more. But it is better to first check an ad agency with a short-term contract like one month or maximum three months. You could make an opinion on an ad agency only when you check its work and one month is sufficient to determine capabilities of an ad agency.

3. Make a transparent deal


PPC campaigns demand creativity. It involves keywords research, landing pages and much more. You have the right to see the performance metrics and the negative keywords used for optimization. You should get timely report from your PPC partner and also you should cross-check the reports to see the real picture.

4. Look for strategists

Adopting the right approach could make a difference to your search and results. For example, you should look for strategists that can make winning strategies for your PPC campaigns. On the other hand, an account manager would work like a cautious guard for your PPC account. He would limit his role to making and sharing reports.

5. Proven track record

ad agency

An ad agency would have plenty of client testimonials to substantiate their claims but an efficient ad agency should prove its skills but driving to its site through PPC. In other words, you should be able to find the PPC agency with the help of paid ads.

6. Do more than simply getting clicks

In PPC, you pay for clicks. A click cracks and the amount for that click is deducted from your AdWords account. But you won’t get any profit from clicks. For profit, you need targeted visitors that convert into buyers. Your PPC agency must understand your needs so that it can do the needful.

7. Everything should be yours

You have found an ad agency to outsource your PPC campaigns. Would you give everything related to your AdWords account to the ad agency? Yes, you would because the agency would require access to your AdWords account to work on your campaigns. But you should also keep track of your account. It would keep the agency alert and prevent it from doing frauds.

8. Great partnership

Working with an ad agency is like playing table tennis. If your partner isn’t good enough to maintain the rhythm, you won’t enjoy the game. The same thing applies to PPC. Its your money but you will share the profit with your PPC partner, if the ad agency working on your campaigns can deliver the results.


PPC can give desired results but only when you have an experienced ad agency looking after your paid marketing campaigns. An ad agency with a proven track record of providing good results can do the job. And you can find the right PPC partner by following the above-mentioned tips. PPC is an expensive affair but at the same time it is a great way to achieve desired results in expected time.

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