7 Ways to Boost Your SEO in 2019

The best SEO strategies 2019 would be to find and follow the trends. It is better to follow the footsteps of others especially those that have tasted success in search marketing.

1. The first thing is to understand the intent of your targeted audience and users. For example, you should know whether you customers like text, images, video or audio. It is important because your visitors would stay on your site only when they find the content interesting.

best SEO strategy for 2019

2. Its time to go beyond Google that still rules the web. But you should be open to experiment with your efforts so that you don’t miss even a single opportunity. For example, Apple and Amazon could be potential sources of targeted traffic.

3. Structured data markup is the key to success and for this reason, you should use the markup data wherever possible. SEO experts from across the globe recommend using schema vocabulary.

4. Work on content and try creating the content that is simply exceptional. It should be full of facts, legible and above all interesting to the readers.

5. Look for ways to increase Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness of the content and site in the long run. It is called E-A-T and it figures in Google’s quality raging guidelines.

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6. Invest some time in technical SEO related to speed, JavaScript and other important features.

7. Try coupling SEO with PPC that could be a great aid for your search marketing efforts. You can hire the best PPC services company Delhi NCR for success in AdWords marketing.

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