6 Most Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Natural Traffic

SEO is the only reliable way to boost your search engine ranking and drive natural traffic to your site. If done correctly, you can even achieve dramatic results in a short time.

If you search the best seo strategies for 2019, you will get plenty of recommendations and suggestions from senior SEOs. But just having a strategy isn’t enough because you need to have knowledge to implement a strategy.

best SEO strategy for 2019

1. Improve your website experience by auditing your site according to Google’s algorithm. Try finding the answer to why your site should rank on a specific keyword.

2. You should know that more than 50% of all searches would be done through voice. And you need to optimize your site to come in voice search.

3. Google wants to comprehend the intention of searchers. It has updated its algorithm to improve its search results. You should also change your keyword targeting method.

4. A recent study revealed the longer content pieces have more chances of coming into search results. You need to look for ways to improve your content writing.

5. In 2019, YouTube SEO would become a norm and if you are absent on video platforms especially YouTube, you could miss the traffic.

6. Try building a variety of backlinks from blogs, author section, product pages, news sites, forums and directories. These links would make site look more natural in content.

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