5 Reasons to Why Pay Per Click(PPC) is Great for Small Businesses

AdWords is the best advertising model because it works on supply and demand. It is expensive but it gives good results. It has many advantages and despite charging cost on clicks, it doesn’t discourage small and medium businesses from trying PPC advertising services.

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I found 5 reasons for small investors to try AdWords advertising

  1. Google Counts Clicks

You are well aware that in AdWords, you pay for clicks and it has never been an issue for AdWords lovers. You pay for clicks but there are many ways to keep the cost down. For example, if you can build your quality score, you can save a lot of money while driving targeted traffic from PPC marketing. Similarly, you can take advantage of other ways like broad match keywords to target your clients while maintaining affordability of keywords.

  1. Compete With Brands

AdWords became pricey because of big businesses with perennial sources of income using AdWords advertising to boost their revenue. They are pumping money in paid marketing and attracting clients. The best thing about this platform is that it provides equal opportunities to everyone. To cut a long story short, small businesses can also compete with big brands on AdWords.

  1. Limited Character Description

AdWords limit the number of characters

  • 25 Characters Headline
  • 35 Characters Each Line
  • 35 Characters Display URL

While big businesses need more words to describe their products/services, small and medium businesses can be creative with Google ads and try attracting the visitors by beating the big businesses in the game of copy writing. Limit on characters is a boon for small businesses.

  1. Result Oriented Marketing

In PPC marketing, there are so many checks and balances that you can easily notice mistakes and remove them before they cost you dearly. For example, you can stop an ad campaign, if you see zero conversion on that ad group. No other marketing platform would allow you making changes once the campaigns are started. It can be said that you can make your marketing more result oriented by keeping it error free.

  1. Suitable

Google is the largest search engine and it works on relevant search. Small businesses have the advantage of expanding their reach by figuring in Google search result pages. Google gives so many options like local search and mobile search that even a street vendor can get benefitted with AdWords advertising. The only thing you need to make PPC work for you is knowledge and experience.


Small and medium businesses are now competing with big brands without any fear or apprehension. Google AdWords advertising is like power to small businesses that find it very difficult to take on the challenge of brands on ground. But the real credit for small business using AdWords goes to PPC agencies. Our PPC advertising company can help, if you are looking for help in AdWords.

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