5 Precautions To Take With Digital Marketing Companies

Is it really painful to find the right digital marketing company NCR? Availability of many options is both a bliss and bane. You see many ad agencies but you feel discouraged when you find similar services being offered at different rates.

For example, you are looking for the best PPC services for your AdWords promotion. You join hands with company, you find on top of search results, only to find that it is incapable and that it has somehow managed to reach on top of search results for a short time.

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Here we’ll discuss the precautions; you need to take in order to avoid becoming a victim of marketing frauds by digital ad agencies

1. Experience

A digital marketing company NCR could create false documents to add more years to its experience in order to attract clients like you. For example, a company that has just been launched could start with 3-year experience that is the minimum experience required to bag a project.

How to calculate real experience of a company?

There is no way to cross-check or verify experience related claim of a company. You have to match the work experience with other factors like client testimonials.

2. Client testimonials

An experienced company must have a multitude of clients to serve. For example, a digital ad agency that has been working for 3 years must be able to produce proofs regarding its work.

How to verify client testimonials?

Ad agencies have a tendency to request their clients to give feedback. But some agencies force their employees to become ghost writers of unknown clients. You should check each review in detail and pay more heed to negative reviews.

3. Negative comments

A digital ad agency conscious about its online reputation would certainly react to the negative feedback and comments. And it would be swift to reply to those comments.

How to check replies of ad agencies?

The replies must be convincing and to the point. For example, a serious ad agency would never vent its anger on a disgruntled reviewer. It would try pacifying the reviewer with its answer.

4. Claims

Ad agencies often make claims like 100% results, first page position within 7 days and money back offer. But in reality, these are mere claims that are impossible to fulfill. What these agencies want to do with these claims is to get eyeballs.

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How to verify tall claims?

There’s no need to verify any claim that has no firm ground and that can’t stand any test.

5. Comparison

Another marketing tool in the hands of digital ad agencies is comparison. For example, an agency compares its services with others that are unknown competitors. It tries to prove that it is more reliable and affordable than others.

How to compare services?

You need to do your comparison instead of relying on a readymade comparison chart prepared by an ad agency. The point here is to rely on your findings and not on the data served by others.

Factors that can help in finding the right ad agency

1. Knowledge

You should try getting education on search marketing and improve your knowledge on latest trends so that you remain a step ahead than your marketing partner. Knowledge is power to you and it is only with knowledge that you would be able to monitor an ad agency.

2. Enthusiasm

You should be enthusiastic about discussing campaigns and studying metrics to anticipate the results. The objective is to predict the outcome so that you can take necessary steps right towards your objective.

3. Support

Your marketing team would require your support – moral and tactical. Whenever the team does well, you should appreciate their work and whenever you find the team losing the ground, you should step in to strengthen their position.

PPC services can do magic for you, if your PPC manager is an experienced professional with rich knowledge on the basics of AdWords. But it could rob you of your savings, if the person responsible for running AdWords campaigns is incapable.


Before you start looking for the best digital marketing company NCR, you should do some homework like increasing your knowledge. Also, you should be ready with a flexible budget so that you don’t tie the hands of your marketing agency.

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