15 Biggest Benefits of SEO for Startups

SEO is mandatory for website business for the following reasons but you should join hands only with the best digital marketing company Delhi NCR.

1. People are searching information related to your business on search engines. The data shows that over 40,000 searches take place every second.

2. Search engines control over 90% of web traffic and a large chunk of this traffic is made of potential customers.

3. Search engine traffic is more likely to convert than the visitors coming from social media, paid advertisements and AdWords and even from referrals.

4. Search marketing is largely free of cost and the only expense you need to bear is the fee of an experienced SEO agency.

benefits of SEO for startups

5. SEO removes the need for paid advertising. High ranking sites get more search traffic than highly visible paid ads.

6. Top SEO ranks assure 24/7 promotion of businesses.

7. Trust and credibility are the two long term benefits of search marketing.

8. SEO helps targeted customers in taking informed decisions.

9. SEO has the power to influence purchasing decisions of buyers.

10. Search results receive 90% more clicks than widely visible ads on social media and AdWords.

11. With SEO, you are likely to get more referrals for your site than from any other source.

12. Search marketing is measurable. You can measure the milestones achieved in SEO.

13. SEO gives startups and small and medium businesses over their counterparts that could be larger organizations.

14. Search marketing adds value to a business.

15. SEO is the best PR strategy.

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