10 Reasons To Why Small Business Rely More On PPC?

Pay-per-click or PPC as it is usually called is the most trustworthy way of generating desired results than any other method including the SEO. It becomes a great tool in the hands of an experienced pay-per-click company.

The PPC model works in a simple way, pay for every click and generate the clicks for which you are ready to pay. It is like a give and take method. You give money for what you want. If you are new to PPC, you can approach a SEO company India for help.

Here I’m listing the top 10 benefits of PPC for startups and small and medium ventures

PPC for startups

Here we go….

1. Quick

Setting up a campaign and getting result is easier on PPC than any other digital marketing method. If you have a website, you can open your account on Google AdWords and set a campaign and make it live. The clicks would start as soon as the ads go live.

2. Measurable

Another advantage of PPC is it is measurable. For example, you can measure everything from impressions, views, clicks, conversions, cost, profit to keywords in numeric format. Also, you can keep track of the results right from the start of campaigns.

3. Independence

The good thing about PPC is that it remains free from algorithmic changes that are crucial for SEO. Once a campaign is set and it is made live, it can work free from the Google updates. Unlike search results, your PPC ads would keep running despite killing updates from Google.

4. Target the right audience

PPC allows ultimate flexibility in choosing location

PPC allows ultimate flexibility in choosing location and timing of advertising. For example, you can set campaigns to be visible in a certain location on a certain time. With right keywords and ad settings, PPC can do magic for your website.

5. Brand recognition

With PPC, you can stay connected to your targeted audience. For example, the generic keywords won’t give real traffic but these keywords would keep you in front of the targeted traffic.

6. Open your website to local customers

Local search stands for targeting customers within the area of operation. Do you know that 75% of customers are likely to visit your business, if they find you in local search results? And you can tap the power of local search with the help of PPC advertisements.

7. Budget friendly

In PPC, you have the flexibility to choose budget. For example, you can choose the cheapest keywords, if you working with a tight budget and open your purse when you have sufficient money.

8. Check keywords

PPC can help find the right keywords for search engine optimization. For example, you choose different keywords and run your PPC ads on those broad-match phrases for a certain time. The results would tell which keywords are more popular. The keyword with highest CTR is most suitable for SEO.

9. Teamwork

There are many tools available to analyze PPC results. These tools allow categorizing the results for detailed analysis and generate reports that can be shared with teammates. It is a business advantage because the tools allow team to work together. Finally, with the right tool and the right analysis, your PPC team can achieve success in paid marketing.

10. Business opportunities

A competitor is down due to a technical snag but your ads are live. It is an opportunity to take advantage of. If you can increase your online footprint, you can tab the traffic left stranded by the competitor. And it is only PPC that can highlight your presence in a short time.


You can have all the 10 big benefits of PPC, if you have the knowledge and experience of running PPC ads. Or you can approach a pay-per-click company to take care of your PPC needs. But it would be better, if you outsource the PPC job to an expert and play the role of a monitor.

Success in PPC would boost the search ranking of your site in the long run. It would make your website more popular resulting in more organic traffic from search marketing. The SEO company India working on your site would take help from PPC and take your site up on the search result pages.

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