10 Effective and High Return but Low Effort SEO Techniques for 2019

Achieving high rank in SERPs consumes time and requires efforts. But some easy SEO techniques can save you both time and effort while trying to achieve high ranks on search results.

1. The first in the best seo strategies 2019 is optimizing titles and headings with targeted keywords. And you should know that title tag carries largest weight in SEO.

best SEO strategy for 2019

2. Navigation is another important step. It is the first thing on your site linking to internal pages and placing links on top of the page would emphasize the linking process.

3. Add breadcrumbs to your pages. It becomes very important for ecommerce sites that should link their products to their category pages.

4. Tracking is also important. You should know which are the most visited pages of your sites and which are the least visited pages. Also, you can look for factors turning visitors away from the site.

5. Don’t forget to install SSL certificate on your site. It is necessary for two reasons – Google has made it mandatory; payment can’t be processed without SSL certification.

6. List your website on Google using Google MyBusiness tool. Also, make sure that all the fields related to listing are filled correctly.

7. Always use compressed and optimized images because images consume much physical space on server and can slow down speed of your site.

8. Look for more ways to boost website speed. For example, compressing images would certainly have a positive impact on the site speed.

9. Link your site with relevant and high traffic authority websites from where you can get quality links and targeted traffic.

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10. Hire the best digital marketing company Delhi NCR to look after your SEO needs. Let a professional agency do the job and you remain free to reap the benefits.

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